Doctor's STRUGGLE with the "Apportionment" sections of their QME Reports.  They ask "How do I do it?  How do I assign the percentage of impairment due to the industrial injury, and the percentage of impairment due to "other factors?  I mean, how can you KNOW?"

Answer: It's CINCHY when you realize that there are only 4, or 5, or 6 different apportionment scenarios that you will EVER have to face.  In other words, the same scenarios recur over and over and over again and, if you can master each of these simple scenarios, you will never struggle with apportionment again.


Topics include:


  • Apportionment under SB899 - New Labor Codes 4663 and 4664, and former Labor Code 4750
  • Apportionment - Prior Industrial Injuries
  • Apportionment - Prior Industrial Injuries that settle by Compromise & Release
  • Apportionment - Prior Industrial Injuries that settle by Award of Permanent Impairment
  • Apportionment - Simultaneous claims for "specific" and "cumulative" injuries, and pre-existing conditions (symptomatic AND asymptomatic)
  • Apportionment - The "Mechanism of Injury Continuum"


This is a complete course on Apportionment that will make your final opinions and conclusions IRREFUTABLE!!


For Chiropractors, this Course qualifies for Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE) credits for 6 hours of Category "B" credits for "General Topics."

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